Tote Bags: Where Function Meets Style

Tote Bags – Where Function Meets Fashion

Most Inventions are born from necessity or the desire to solve difficult problems in society. The refrigerator, circa 1834, helped perishable food products last longer and Edison’s light bulb replaced candles to artificially light up the night. We might not realize it now but primitive clothing was once only used as a need to protect humans from nature’s elements.

As man evolved, so did his desires and aspirations. Clothing today is not only functional but it also represents personal expression or a way of presenting
oneself to the world.

The handbag has been around for thousands of years becoming a staple in modern women’s fashion accessories. Although the women’s handbag comes
in many shapes and sizes, the tote bag is the quintessential handbag representing both function and style. No longer just a verb, the tote is also a noun
that is large and in charge.

How did the tote get its practical look and size? Credit L.L. Bean for giving the tote it’s iconic shape. The famous brand first designed this bag
in the 1940s to carry ice from the car to the freezer. Made from a sturdy durable canvas, this bag was impervious to wear and tear. As the
popularity of this bag grew over the years, so did its uses. Becoming the bag of choice for groceries and running errands.

L.L. Bean entered the fold again redesigning the tote bag in the 1960s to become more feminine with style elements that included leather trim.
Although the tote still has recognizable design elements from the 1940s, like it’s boxy shape, it has truly evolved as a functional and
stylish “go to” in women’s handbag.

Today we see totes in a variety of materials, sizes and colors. They’re branded with college logos, emblems or designer labels or they simply
showcase the latest fashion design. The tote plays many roles and meets many needs. As the tote is one person’s fashion accessory, it is
another’s utility bag carrying all the things from your daily routines.

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