Designed to Inspire

Most jewelry collections start with inspiration and inspiration can come in many forms often calling on the memories of people, events or places.
While inspiration can vary from person to person, to inspire is to elevate or stimulate one's intellect or emotion through words, objects or feats.

Sandol designs and manufacturers its wholesale collegiate jewelry collection to inspire those that wear it. Every wholesale jewelry line that Sandol
manufacturers begins with inspiration that guides the design process. Our collegiate jewelry represents beauty, flow and style influenced by the
wonders of life with all its awe-inspiring beauty. In every piece, we capture the classic elements of designer jewelry while offering a sense of pride
and community that is found in school spirit.

Sandol’s Essentials Collection is the flagship of our wholesale college line. It features our MVP line that was designed to be fun and expressive
but also create a common theme that allows them to easily be paired with other pieces in our wholesale college jewelry collection.

Our Evie earrings (or peek a boo earrings) were created to give the illusion of wearing two separate earrings while also being able to  
interchange with our
3D earrings

As a leading wholesale manufacturer of licensed collegiate merchandise, our goal is to continue to design and manufacture wholesale jewelry
that not only looks good but also fits the life you live. Whether going to a sporting event or going about your daily routines, wear, live and love Sandol Collegiate Jewelry.

Stay tuned for our new wholesale college jewelry collection coming in 2020. A line inspired by individual beauty, infinity and the universe.