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Everyone Wants a Bargain

Everyone wants a bargain. The joy in the hunt for a bargain grows as our disposal income lessens. You see in the malls enticements of buy one and get the second pair half price. On the internet you see bargains in forms of free shipping and deals of the day/hour/minute…….deals, deals deals.

Here’s a bargain from Sandol Brands. Buy two earrings and make yourself two earrings FREE! Does this make sense? Buy 2 earring sets end up with 4 earrings sets? Let me introduce you all to Sandol’s version of Peek a Boo/3-D earring combo. Really its 2 sets of earrings but if you buy both you really get 4! Let’s view Auburn University and see these 4 earrings shall we?

Hello Evie:

Evie Earrings

Hello 3D Earrings:

3D Earrings
Mix and match these 2 sets of earrings for a unique and stylish look.

Fashion relevant? Check. Fashion forward? Check. Fashion fun? Check. Stock up on your earrings today for the fall!

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J Kim

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