The Stainless Steel bands on our new Bracelets 307910/308010 Series

Do you remember the SLAP bracelet? They were hot for a awhile but concerns with safety arose among other concerns……SLAP BRACELET ARTICLE

And now Sandol Brands introduces our “Slink” Stainless Steel licensed bracelets.

These licensed stainless steel band beaded charm love bracelets for 2019 are fashion now, fashion charming and fun to wear and maintain. There’s no slapping going on these bracelets. You just stretch and slide the bracelet on. Maybe it’s not slapped but stretchide (is this a word). Anyway after wear the bracelet comes back to the original form. You can expand but it comes back to its original form. This is the asset and value of stainless steel. With Sandol Brands in several schools we have 2 versions. Some schools we have just one but one is better than none.

Link up here to see the bracelets:

Style 307910 we at Sandol (SANDOL®) named it The Blaze:


Style 308010 is The Bliss:


Whether Blaze or Bliss you’ll Wear, Live and Love these bracelets. We even remind you of the LOVE (it’s on the bracelet)!

All the beads are glass beads and again the bracelet link construction is stainless steel. Wear it, stretch it and enjoy this product from Sandol Brands Collection new for 2019. Cheer UP