Personal Interaction and Personal Relationship Matters…..

We’re in the Amazon craze. The interaction between people is lessening and interaction with the computer screen is becoming more prevalent. It’s understandable. It’s convenient. It’s trendy. It’s the new way of retail. Traveling through Alabama we got to meet some interacting vendors. Relationship is important. Knowing customers are important. Customers are not a statistic or a probability in this brick and mortar. Customers are friends, customers have faces and customers interact with the vendor. It’s easy to interact with the vendors because vendors are kind and engaging. The gentleman (co owner) greets even though it’s our first meeting with kindness. We feel relevant. We wait for the buyer (the other co owner) and while we wait we are served. We get offers for food and drinks. We accept sweet tea. We never felt out of place and we are comfortable waiting. During the meeting we discuss our businesses and building our relationship together. You build us up through our licensed University of Alabama and Auburn University products (ALABAMA MERCHANDISE; AUBURN MERCHANDISE)and we will build you up with our support and service. Let’s stand together. Personal interaction is a gift to all people. It is our hope buyers see the value of personal interaction and the vendors see the value of personal relationship with their customers. We see success here is based on personal interaction and personal relationships. Amazon and other internet retailers provide great products to our customers but greater is the retailer who not only offers the products but also the personal interaction. We all need human interaction. Build relationship and value our customers. Lesson learned and lesson appreciated. Let’s make brick and mortar great again through not only the products like Sandol Brands (SANDOL®) but also through great personal interaction and service.

Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Barry for inspiring us and educating us on customer relationships. This was a great tutorial and growth experience. Great service, great relationships and great products; Roll Tide Roll and WDE to all Alabamians!